Thursday, September 24, 2015

Erectile dysfuction : Are you affected?

By Meluse Kapatamoyo

Erectile dysfunction, a condition which affects men, is the "failure to sustain an erection that can deliver sufficient stimulation or deposit correctly semen to the opposite sex is dysfunction of erection." 
As Pokeyourmind, after receiving queries through the Facebook page, i followed up with a gynaecologist.
Dr Mwanahamuntu: The condition is a result of either psychological failure, fear, emotional disconnectivity in matters of sex but it can also be a result of many diseases that affect nerve and blood supply such as diabetes, high blood pressure, painful lesions of the penis to name a few.

Pokeyourmind: What symptoms should men look out for?

Dr Mwanahamuntu:  Symptoms include failed initiation of sex or even completion of penetrative sex without use of a prosthesis penis (a  device designed to make a part of the body work better). The penis will simply be limp or too soft to penetrate the receptacle vagina.

Pokeyourmind:  How common is this condition?

Dr Mwanahamuntu: The exact stastics can not be precise as all sexual conditions normal are but a third of suffered of diabetes, high blood pressure and mentally stressed people plus alcoholics will have this condition once in a while or always.

Pokeyourmind: What type of treatment is available?
Dr Mwanahamuntu: Mostly treating the cause is a sure solution. Other treatments have involved use of medications that have selective actions on blood vessels expansionism. Sometimes surgery that link lower abdominal blood vessels directly to the main blood supply of the penis have been used. Desperate measures of using false penis also save situations and interpersonal affection.

Pokeyourmind: Can the use of sex boosters’ contribute to erectile dysfunction?

Dr Mwanahamuntu: They don’t but should be used with consultation of physicians. Remember, size of penis is not critical as the nerves that a penis targets in the vagina are just 2 to 3 centimeters deep. It is is futile to enlarge a penis and remain the lazy man.
Pokeyourmind: What are some of the side-effects of using sex boosters such as the popular Mutototo?

Dr Mwanahamuntu: Mutototo has no researched dose and side effects. It's production is not regulated and am not sure whether it kills or helps people.

Pokeyourmind: Is there an age when it’s appropriate to use sex boosters?

Dr Mwanahamuntu: What limits the use of these drugs is the overall performance of other organs summoned to jointly participate in sex. For example the heart. There is no point to have a penis performing stronger than ones heart as this is a death trap.


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