Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Diapers for your period?

By Meluse Kapatamoyo

Most women, if not all, dread days when they have their period. Especially for those whose flow is always heavy. While others can simply afford to change their menstrual pads or tampon a couple of times a day, others have to rely on both to avoid staining their clothing or beddings. Unfortunately for others, even using both is not enough. To address this some women are opting to use baby diapers.

The revelation has shocked many followers of Pokeyourmind on Facebook who say the trend is simply disgusting and a health hazard.
"This sounds crazy. A diaper is designed for babies's urine and not blood. There could be health hazards that could come with the use of a diaper in place of a pad. I take it that these ladies stay with these diapers longer hours than they can with a pad, that's disgusting. I can't imagine the smell," said Eugenia Muuchili.

And Champo Muyembe said" Unless I was over 80 something and had 'bathroom' issues would I be seen using a diaper. Come on, for me, this is a NO NO NO."

"Why the heck would i wear a diaper on my periods? That's insane. If you have heavy flow like me,I wear a tampon and pad at the same time and the tampon alerts me when it's full and the blood never really goes on the pad but if you can't do tampons, you can still wear your overnight pads during the day," was another comment from Belina Nyanga Chanda based in the United States.

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Sally Chiwama added, 'I can't imagine any one wearing a diaper on their pees. I can see and have seen, have even bought diapers for older women but in a state of illness. Am also inclined to think it's an economical issue, I cant think of any other reason. I say so because I have seen women mostly muma komboni (I beg your pardon and no offence to anyone) buy diapers mumantemba like 3 at a time or so, rather than a whole packet. That its cheaper that way... I don't know. But again there are pads that cost as low as K6 in shops, so this is hard to understand and comprehend."

However, Zimbabwe's Ruby Maps, has a different opinion, " I know I would go for diapers if they came in my size. Considering how heavy my flow is and currently having to wear 4 pads at a time. By lining them up to cover the back, front and middle part of my panties. I use 2 packs a day thats US$2*5 and having a heavy flow doesn't help with my phobia I'm scared of spoiling so in the evening I take extra care by wearing two panties lined up."

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Inonge Lubasi identified with Ruby.

"I used a diaper when I was travelling and not necessarily that they are economical but provide security of not staining. There is absolutely no health problem with diapers if they can go on a baby 's bum. How on earth will they be dangerous to an adult? The pad and the diaper are made from almost the same material if not exactly same except diapers are thicker than pads. Blood is a liquid and so most of it is absorbed in the diaper.

I was almost postponing my journey wen a friend adviced I use a diaper. From then I use a diaper 1st and 2nd day at least. A diaper can be won by a baby for 4 hours and even with pees it can go that long. You don't wear it like a baby or very sick person but you place it just like a pad making the smaller ones more comfortable. Diapers are also good to use after delivery especially for those who bleed a lot."

But for others like Francesca Phiri Banda, the issue may not be that straight forward.

"For me it's what works for someone as long as it doesn't pose a threat to their health.Those opting for diapers are better off because some people even in the capital city of Zambia use cloths on their menses because they can't afford pads. And let's not forget the issue of counterfeit pads which were exposed some time last year, some people may feel safer to use diapers."

So, would you trade in your pads for a diaper? PYM