Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank you U.S Mission to the UN Geneva

By Meluse Kapatamoyo

Had a wonderful time relieving memories of my trip to the United States and Switzerland when i was hosted last week at the U.S Embassy in Zambia .The meeting with people from PEPFAR, USAID Zambia and the U.S Department of State, put me back in focus as each question took me back to the high profile
people i met, the things i learnt and what i planed to do with that knowledge.

Being nominated for the 2015 Internet Freedom Fellowship (IFF) program with colleagues from four different countries, Belarus, Pakistan, Kenya and Brunei was such an honour.

The two week trip to Switzerland, Geneva and eventually the cities of
Washington DC and California in the United States, funded by the
U.S. Mission Geneva , opened a whole new world for me. I was amazed at how both countries are using technology and the internet to advance women’s rights. Even more impressive was that theleading organisations and institutions we visited were headed by women. I was in awe of their confidence.My biggest lesson from the many meetings we had and my interaction with the other fellows is that despite challenges, despite the negativity, continue to push with your mission in life.

The trip has renewed my resolve to make this blog
  & the Facebook page , an interactive space where more people can engage and debate on sexual reproductive health matters without fear or intimidation. I intend to use the skills, confidence and knowledge I obtained during the fellowship to champion the cause of Women and Health through my blog. Once again, thank you to the U.S Mission to the UN-Geneva. PYM

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