Monday, March 24, 2014

Can beads enhance libido?

By Meluse Kapatamoyo

Sexuality or lovemaking in humans is not just a primitive biological urge or instinct as in animals. It has developed to a much higher level. Many aids are used to enhance lovemaking such as using bikinis, powders, perfume and the like.

In traditional society, the wearing of beads around the waist by women was said to enhance libido. Is this true or just an old-wives tale?


Timothy Sakala said...

Yes beads do enhance libido they r good during foreplay

mthoniswa said...

The sex ornaments, beads inclusive, are said to enhance libido to those who were mentally taught to associate them with sex. On their own they are nothing but waist decorations.
Men are usually turned on by different things and different type of dressings. others are turned on by tattoos while others are turned on by mere glimpse of a woman silky underwear garment like bra or petticoat. In some parts of west Africa men are turned on by the gap between the two front teeth of a woman. Europeans were said to be turned on by the nipples of a breast! So in short the ability of an ornament to turn a man on depends on the particular man and what that man considers sexual.

Steve Kangwa Chilobwa said...

Waist beads a longstanding tradition. Peoples waists have been decorated and laced with the seeds of the earth symbolizing sensually striking ethnicity and sexual expression.

In African tradition, the waist is most strongly identified with female sexuality. Unlike, the buttocks and the breasts, the waist holds the flexibility to move and curve in more ways than one indicating the depths and power of female sexuality and womanliness. Hidden from view and underneath women's clothing, waist beads exercise their evocative powers by means of the sensations of touch, sound, smell and movement.

Waist beads can add spice to your intimate life! So in some way it helps men do foul play. All in all it adds to sex play.

Matongo Maumbi said...

Beads are a great turn on esp when they are clad away from visibility until nudity is exercised.

Brian Nkandu said...

interesting topic indeed. it depends on the mind set really, though they are a good feeling to cuddle them around.

Anonymous said...

one mans poison is another mans cup of tea