Monday, February 24, 2014

"Fired nurses migrate"

By Meluse Kapatamoyo
Zambia : More than 500 EXPERIENCED nurses fired and just like that, we have moved on. They pleaded for forgiveness and our leaders ignored.

Well it seems, Zambia's firing of nurses is a gain to neighbouring countries as a huge exodus is underway. Now they are migrating to neighbouring countries in large numbers and with their experience it won't be long before they all leave. And in the meantime our health institutions are battling with inexperienced staff. We all know the big guns don't go to public hospitals so it was up to ordinary Zambians to demand that the nurses be reinstated and we didn't.
At the time, sentiments were that they deserved it. If you have been to the hospital lately especially those who have been hospitalised or have had a relative in hospital, you now know that we are in a crisis. Who is paying now? PYM


Mabvuto Zulu said...

I think we need a detailed story on this subject. An object and well-rounded article without any biases and possibly by an independent journalist to dig deeper into this. what we get from our state controlled media outlets are simply public relations spins meant to hoodwink the public that all is well. If only someone could go to the affected hospitals and get the story, maybe, only maybe, this story will attract the attention that it deserves.

LLOYD MUDENDA Handongwe said...

...and what was the real rationale for firing such a huge number of citizens trained at huge tax payer's cost, they gained this irreplacable experience at huge tax payer's cost. When they were fired, many lives were lost; so political expedience is more important than the lives of those innocent citizens!

The media has largely been a let down by down-playing the seriousness of this issue.