Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Should sexual reproductive health be taught in schools and churches?

By Meluse Kapatamoyo

Should sexual reproductive health be taught in schools and churches? Someone thinks so.

“Meluse, I wonder why reproductive health is only taught in clinics and other counseling places. I suggest, churches, places of learning should all learn even at tender age. Imagine thinking its taboo talking about safe sex with your children and they get to learn from friends about unprotected sex, surely it doesn’t pay. We have got to talk about it openly so that everyone can acquire this knowledge. My biggest problem is the NGO's who make all the noise but doing very little in terms of educating men and women, the so called modest in rural areas. Their concentration has been on women, when they are supposed to concentrate on men too. We men need the data than our counterparts in skirts.”

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Isabella Mukanda-Shamambo said...

Meluse, I am wondering why people have not responded to this topic. Could you kindly expand on this topic a little more by emphasizing what the originator was looking for. The question seems to be jumping around a little bit and seems to be more complex because it is talking about a lot of things i.e. reproductive health being taught in school 2. reproductive health being taught to kids at an early age 3. Reproductive health only addressed in counseling session. 4. NGOs making a lot of noise (about what?). 5. Girls and women being taught more than boys and men (what about again?). 6. Men needing to be taught more than their counterparts (females, I guess), what about again?

Kindly clarify.

Meluse Kapatamoyo said...

Hello Isabella, you're right, to do justice, i think its best i tackle each point as a seperate article. I see your confusion or perhaps of many other especially that the reader was responsding to this article.!/2012/07/when-love-becomes-pricy.html . Will most certainly keep you updated. Thank you.